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Youíre a busy editor or editorial director Ė more than likely doing the job of more than one person - and the last thing you need is a writer who cannot write to your specifications, adjust to your audience or turns in copy late.

You need a writer who can make your job easier and understands that you are the customer.

Thatís where I come in. I have over a dozen years experience writing for a variety of publications on a myriad of topics.

I know how to source articles, finding the leading experts on any given topic. I also understand the value and importance of accuracy.

Iíve written for consumer as well as B2B trade publications. In addition to articles, Iíve written informative and lively SEO based descriptions of schools, professions and hotels and compiled a complete sourcebook for a trade publisher.

Assisting editors with any size project on almost any topic is my specialty and I look forward to hearing from you.

In The News
In The Publishing Industry

The American Society of Business Publication and Editors warn publishers and editors against writing mills: You get what you pay for.

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Some of my clients have included:


  • Fido Friendly Magazine
  • The Associated Press 
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Audubon Magazine
  • Veterinary Economics
  • The College Bound Network
  • Financial Advertising Review
  • Mini-Co Publications
  • Mother Earth News
  • Relish Magazine
  • Todayís Collector

Feel free to email me or call me directly at 870-436-3860

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