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"Kerri is a dream to work with. Her pitches are inventive and often spring from hands-on experience. Her reporting is in-depth and her finished pieces are well-packaged and poignant--all of which comes through not only in her writing, but in the response we get from our readership. Kerri's pieces do consistently well for, generating a high level of page views and engagement. For instance, her Halloween piece on the plight of black dogs and cats looking to get adopted resulted in a significantly high rate of "opens" for that week's newsletter--an achievement that speaks for itself."

Wendy Toth, Associate Editor,

“Working with Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell is a pleasure. She is an excellent writer who can tackle any subject and provide a well-researched, well-written article that is tailored to meet the needs of a target audience. Moreover, her work comes in clean ad on time—wonderful attributes that are invaluable to an editor.”

Poppy Behrens, Executive Editor, Mini-Co, Inc.

Kerri has been a wonderful asset to my freelance team. Her reporting is always focused, she has a good sense of what readers want to know and I can always rely on her to be flexible and get her articles in on time. One of her greatest assets is her ability to find real voices and characters to make her stories come alive. Web publishing relies on writers like Kerri.”

Kali Geldis, Deputy Managing Editor,

“Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell has been a contributing writer to our publication for the last several years. As a testament to her capabilities, she is the first out-of-state journalist our publisher has allowed us to work with. She accepts assignments regularly, often during holiday times when freelancers don't make themselves available. She does an excellent job of making sure she understands each assignment completely, and she delivers what we request, with a willingness to answer very quickly any questions we might have. As an editor who works with several free-lance writers, I appreciate her quality contributions to our pages.”

Maria Hoover, Features Editor, The Springfield Business Journal

“Kerri consistently demonstrates her technical skills -- story organization, sufficiency of sourcing, clear writing and on-time deadline performance. Wish we had a dozen like her.”

Dennis Boone, Former Bureau Chief, The Kansas City Star

“Kerri-Fivecoat Campbell continues to amaze me with her grasp on the human-pet bond and her writing conveys that to the readership of Fido Friendly magazine. It is always a pleasure to receive a query from Kerri as I know her ideas are timely and right on focus for the magazine.”

Susan Sims, Publisher, Fido Friendly, the Travel and Lifestyle Magazine for you and your Dog

“Kerri grasped the focus of our publication from the first section, something that takes other writers two to three tries. It’s clear she asks the right questions of sources, and she works hard to include as many representatives as possible from respective industries. Kerri is a pleasure to work with, and she responds well to feedback.”

Bryan Scribner, former Editor, Vance Publications

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell has become a trusted contributor to The Best Times, Johnson County’s monthly newspaper for adults 60 and older, and to the Kansas Senior Press Service, which provides aging information to publications throughout the state. Although she hasn’t reached that age milestone, Fivecoat-Campbell produces writing that is right on target. With wit, humor, and compassion, she began with a regular column about living with pets (which are dramatically important to many senior adults). Fivecoat-Campbell communicates well, is responsive, views her work seriously, but shows a light heart. She is also meticulously accurate, taking pride in her research and fact-checking. She’s an editor’s dream!”

Lynn Anderson, Editor, The Best Times

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